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The Digital Toolkit is a set of tools for character, campaign, session, and live-play management. It sits at an intersection of traditional virtual table tops and campaign managers, but is designed to provide bespoke tools for each adventure game it supports—instead of taking a more general 'any game' approach.

The Digital Toolkit is being developed initially with support for Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy. As this system exists in an entirely open-license format through the OGL. Other games and support for supplements of OSE are planned to be developed after the tool for OSE launches.

Development of the Digital Toolkit is on hold. See this article for an explanation.

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RPG Horizon aims to support a wide range of tabletop adventure games with news, reviews, and discussion. Not all the games discussed are ones with support in the digital toolkit, but instead showcase the much broader scale of the adventure gaming hobby!

If you'd like to join the discussion, or suggest content for review and showcasing, then the best place to do it is on the community discord. If you want to see video content with similar topics and themes as the website, then check out the @Horizon-RPG on Youtube.

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